I will collaborate with you to treat unrelenting depression and anxiety and am located within the Roseville, Granite Bay, Rocklin, Sacramento area. I find that when a collaborative, comprehensive (body, mind, spirit) approach is taken clients find quicker relief to their symptoms. Some of the tools I utilize include mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy and family therapy, anger management and neuroscience techniques.

I love working with teens and particularly helping teens navigate through the challenges of adolescence while also experiencing anxiety and depression. It’s important that I also involve family members when needed and that both the teen and family members are willing to make some changes and open to feedback.

There are many couple’s counselors in the Sacramento area and I believe my direct yet gentle approach allows each couple to feel at ease and safe to tackle their differences and address communication struggles. I like to draw upon Harville Hendrix Phd and John Gottman Phd materials to help couples succeed.

I am also learning and drawing from the field of sports psychology to assist athletes in the Sacramento area. It’s a thrill to work with motivated individuals who want peak performance but recognize how their emotional and mental well-being play a significant role in their success.

Grief counseling is a journey. Just like the grief process, there is no definitive timeline to it but we know that how we identify, express and act on grief can make it bearable and lead to healing or lead us to getting stuck. I’m honored to join the grief process with you and help navigate the way.

Specialized areas of practice include:
Depression and Anxiety
Adolescent Behavioral Issues
Teen Anxiety
Couples Counseling
Family Counseling and Parenting Support
Grief Counseling
Addiction and Recovery
Conflict Resolution
Stress Management
Rates & Insurance


  • Rates
    Contact me to inquire about fee.
  • Insurance
    Services may be covered in part, or in full by your health insurance. Please check
    your coverage carefully and call your health benefits coordinator if you have any
    questions. We’re happy to bill your insurance for all services provided.
  • Cancellation Policy
    24 hours advance notification must be given of an appointment cancelation. Failure
    to do so, or not arriving for a scheduled appointment will result in required
    payment of the full session fee.