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What Does in Mean to be a Woman in her 50’s?

  What does it mean to be a woman who is in her 50’s?  I had the honor of reaching 50 this year and it has been a mixed bag.  I am well aware that I am privileged to still be living, to see my children growing, to be in a loving marriage for the past 16 years and...

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Make No Assumptions

Last week I was leaving the grocery store, with my cart packed and I was crossing the street to my car and a gentleman started honking at me.  I just assumed he was angry with me for walking in front of his car and I ignored him.  He began honking even more and...

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How is the Coronavirus affecting You?

How are you dealing with the affects of the Coronavirus?  If you’re overwhelmed and uncertain, here are some helpful tips! Unfortunately, many know someone who has the coronavirus or they themselves may have it. Whether you are directly impacted by the virus you may...

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